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Our Training Curriculum Philosophy

Learning happens in various ways, with experience often being the best teacher (though not a necessary one.) 1) Our ideal training would be that our trainees learn by doing, in real-time, in the context closest to what they will experience when they exit the training. And then that they teach what they have learned. 2) Our understanding of the process of gaining influence for sharing the gospel and impacting culture, especially in a relational context and in workplace life, is mostly stepwise. Without first competency and character, sharing about Christ is difficult.

Baton Exchange curriculum consists of a five part bundle for optimum professional and spiritual development: Competence, Character, Christ (Change Leadership), Calling, and Community. It is delivered through a variety of contact points and is customizable: take one or all to meet your needs! Benefit from a  Life2Life spiritual-vocational mentor. Trainees can jump into the 12 month cycle at anytime.  (13-month cycle for Cohort Leader Incubator starts in June.) Christian marketplace leaders play a central role in your development experiences. We use what we believe to be an outcomes-based, holistic approach to leadership development for Christian emerging young leaders.

Self-Assessments for Self-Awareness

Understanding oneself is important in knowing how to manage yourself, work with team members and grow spiritually, emotionally, relationally and professionally. We administer a series of tests at the front end of the process that aids us, you, and your mentor in your development.  We bring in seasoned career and life coaches to help us process the results of your assessments and the implications for relating to others on team. You can also learn more about vocational stewardship through the our competency workshops and change agent leadership modules.

Training Options

Trainees can engage in a variety of ways. Delivery methods include:  Cohort Leader Incubator.  Discussion groups. Guest leaders. Life2Life Mentoring. Career & life coaches. Volunteering. Retreats. One-on-one leader interviews. Customized project. Mentors.  Online Learning (available December 2015.) Cohort uses all methods. Customized picks and chooses. Mentoring only does Life2Life mentoring and can opt to engage e-learning or learning experiences.

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Five Point Development Strategy

Change Agent Leadership Modules

Character and Leadership Roundtables

Summer Leadership Camp

Career Competency Workshops

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