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Baton Exchange Faith-Work, Integrate! On-line Video Resource

Prepare to Launch: Your faith walk in the workplace of your 20s

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An on-line learning video curriculum resource designed to help Christian students and young professionals transition faith-fully from the campus to their career, equipping them to be change agents for Christ in the global marketplace.
The curriculum tries to address current felt needs, anticipated felt needs and basic cross-cultural competencies for a more globally savvy change agent. Also, the curriculum tries to drill deeper than the meta-narrative level to a daily application level, but not so deep so as to bog down students who aren’t interested in all the nuances of the topic.
Real Life Application
Each video includes interviews with seasoned professionals and young professionals, who share how they are trying to apply the principles in that session.

Over 50 seasoned leaders and young professionals from four continents and seven market sectors including:

Arts & Entertainment, Business, Government, Education, Media, Social Sciences, and the Church.

Flexible Resource

An individual or group facilitator can choose from the various sessions to meet their needs. The sessions can be used independently of each other.

Why? To help with the transition. Students, young professionals, campus ministers, and young adult pastors have noted the struggle Christian students experience when they move from a campus ministry or campus church environment to the workplace. Many drift away from their faith. Others struggle to figure out how God might use them in their new workplace context. We want to see these young adults not only survive the campus to career transition, but thrive as influencers for Christ.

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Benefits for end-user (young professionals/students):

  • gain awareness of essentials for career success and life skills
  • effectiveness as a Christian in the workplace
  • be liberated and empowered to use gifts and vocational interests as your unique ministry in the marketplace
  • gain confidence in living and sharing your faith in the workplace context
  • receive insights from Christian marketplace leaders who have walked the path ahead
  • gain a strategic biblical framework for addressing social issues and transformation
  • learn at your convenience

How? The curriculum is designed with flexibility, so that a user can go through the sessions independently, or a campus minister or pastor can facilitate a small group discussion. A Facilitator’s Going Deeper guide is provided for each session.

  What You Will Need

Accessing the Video Curriculum

Universities, Churches and Marketplace Ministry Memberships

Using the Video Curriculum: The Facilitator’s Mindset


Group Session Format (Flex as needed)

The Baton Exchange Faith-Work, Integrate! Video Resources

Session Topics